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We create personalised children’s books, from bedtime stories to epic adventures, where your child takes centre stage.
There are plenty of original stories for you to choose from, divided by age group.
Our carefully crafted database of visual imagery allows you to customize an avatar to truly capture your child’s features.
Embark on a new adventure and create new memorable experiences, while fostering your child’s love for language, reading, and imagination!

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Welcome to the land of dreams

As a child, I cherished being read to. My mother and father read me bedtime stories and instilled in me a love for language and imagination. I am now a mother, too, and want to pass along this tradition to my son, Diego. I was inspired by the birth of my son to create my own collection of stories, and customize them in a modern way.
Veronica Saputo

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We Think

All of our personalised books are created with protecting the environment in mind. This means our printing is carried out by a carbon neutral company and all our pages come from 100% completely recycled paper.

We Consult

Each and every single one of our books is a result of thorough scientific and psychological research. We work hard to create stories that not only open your imagination, but educate and teach new lessons with every read.


Preschool researchers have discovered that children’s names are the most important words to them, so learning them leads to all other types of learning experiences. Personalised books can boost spelling, writing, confidence and most importantly… creativity! It’s a win-win.


Our creative geniuses and illustration experts design books by age groups, tailoring them for readers of all abilities and ages! Bright colours and amazing illustrations create a unique world for your child to enter. What more could you wish for?

Who has a Birthday?
Our bestsellers
Who has a Birthday?
A cherished gift for a birthday boy or girl, they’ll learn the names of their favourite animals and places around the world while being introduced to the meaning of birthdays.