The team behind DreamyGo really are a creative bunch… with a love for creating memories and stories which last a lifetime.
Want to meet the team behind our books? Let’s go

Welcome! I’m Veronica
I’m the beating heart behind DreamyGo.

After moving to London from Italy over 10 years ago and successfully creating and running a business… I eventually had a baby boy called Diego. He completely changed my thinking and way of life. I was creating his very own stories to read at night… and he LOVED them! This sparked a newly forming idea… where could my creativity take me?

I believe that to feel like you are the true protagonist of a story is something that fascinates everyone. I created those first personalised stories thinking about my son, but it soon expanded to the kids of all other families, to parents, friends and relatives. Customizing the baby and the other special characters in their lives creates a truly unique, exclusive story for the whole family to enjoy.

Tarique Khan

Hello, I’m Tarique

I am the graphic designer behind DreamyGo! Which is great fun, with creative freedom to create fantastic visuals for all our stories. I am also a father to a baby boy… which gives me the upper hand when designing new characters and getting involved in the books.

The faces, expressions and characteristics of my son are built into most of our books, as they constantly help me to create engaging designs and illustrations. Look out for them!


Hey, I’m Lucy

I’m a New York based marketing communications strategist and partner in a design agency for many years. As an independent consultant, I work directly across the pond with DreamyGo’s beating heart, Veronica, on product development and brand image.

I oversee the creative process of these completely bespoke stories as an editor and art director, and manage the visual identity and communications tools for the brand, such as the website you are reading right now.


Hello, I’m Antonio

I’m the marketing person behind DreamyGo. Which means I use the online tools at my disposal to bring our books to you. If it wasn’t for me, I guess you wouldn’t know about our personalised books… and that makes me sad!

I want everyone to be able to customise and purchase one of our books to provide a very special experience to a child in their family. Being a child educator myself, I understand the impact a good book can make on our little ones’ futures…


Hello, I’m Robbyn

As a creative writer based in Australia, I have always found happiness immersed within my imagination and always between the pages of a book. From a young child, I was blessed to answer a natural calling and commenced creating stories and other bodies of writing.

Reading is a multisensory experience that nourishes and captivates, and it is my absolute soul passion to bring you adventure and joy, as well as a pinch of magic and learning along the way. It is an honor to craft a DreamyGo customized journey for you to experience, share and treasure for life.


Hello there, I’m Kamelia

Stories and children? I can’t think of many things I prefer to them.

For years I’ve been a fervent reader of tales, so I decided to turn my own life into a fairy-tale; a couple of years ago I left Europe to move to Bali and live the dream: there, my son was born. I’ll be guiding you, with my articles, through our blog and our world of mamas and children.
Hop on board!


Hey, I’m Susanna

I have been working as an actress musician since 1997 specialising in storytelling, music, poetry shows and so much more, with a background in Italian Literature (Ciao!).

Having been storytelling and creatively showcasing for so many years, it was natural for me to begin helping develop DreamyGo’s stories… creating curiosity, mystery and so much more in every story we bring to life! I just LOVE it!


Hi there, I’m Anna

…and I'm DreamyGo’s biggest fan!

With a BA in English Literature and an MA in Translation, I support this wonderful dream as a translator, editor and writer. I strongly believe in the power of words to move and make us travel to a magical world where we can dream and find hope. Veronica's story inspires me every day, making my work a real pleasure!


Hello, I’m Maria Letizia

I am one of DreamyGo’s bloggers. I love writing because I know how much power words can have if they’re weaved well together. Words can make you laugh, they make you think, and they can also become a friend. Since I became a mum, with a boy and a girl, I learned how important each word can be in shaping our children, in making them grow into the adults of tomorrow.
I love letting my creativity flow within the pages of our blog. My creativity, constantly powered by my two children, is born out of the chaos of daily life, out of the ever-present mix of words and stories.


Hello, I’m Andrea

I am a web designer and SEO specialist from Italy. I moved to London in 2015, where I founded Vibes Art Studio, a collective of creatives designers, developers, and strategists who come together to shape successful brands. My approach is always tailored to each individual client and project, as I devote my dedication, creativity, and professionalism to each new adventure.
I embraced the DreamyGo project to help Veronica fulfill her amazing dream, and also because my two nephews were great fans of her stories and loved to listen to some DreamyGo magic before going to sleep.


Hi, I’m Mai

I am an Egyptian digital marketer and content creator. I strongly believe in the power of creative content to share stories and touch people’s hearts. Working with DreamyGo is a pleasure and also a great challenge – these wonderful stories have important moral lessons, with great scope for helping children learn and develop.