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Sleeping tips: how do I make my child fall asleep?

For children, it’s never easy to shift from the excitement of the day to the calm of the night. There are children who want to watch TV in the evening, those who are afraid of darkness and don’t want to fall asleep, or those who just want to play all night long. While toddlers have the comfort and routine of their mother’s milk, the same does not apply to children over 3 years old, who often have trouble going to sleep.
If you’re struggling to make your child go to sleep, here are some tips for creating a sleepy atmosphere with the help of small night time rituals and routines, all tailored to help ensure healthy sleep for both parents and children.
One of the most important aspects of helping children get ready for sleep is consistency. The day needs to finish organically, ending with a night time routine that can help children go to bed. After dinner, and before it starts to get late, start to turn off some lights in your house. You can keep small lights on to infuse a relaxing atmosphere. To make your children sleep better, it’s also important to turn off technological devices such as a tablet or TV. Ideally, these should all be turned off a couple of hours before bedtime, to avoid the blue lights’ anti-sleep effect on children. The same applies for older children too: keep smartphones or tablets away at night as they tend to make children feel awake and excited, far from the desired night time state of calm and relax.
Some children are afraid of shadows and darkness, and they don’t want to turn their lights off. There are many ways to help your child face this fear, such as giving them a small torch to keep under their pillow, and light up every time they feel afraid. This will help your child feel safe, knowing that they can light up the room at any moment.
Another idea is to place a small night light in your child’s bedroom and make them sleep with a special soft toy to accompany their dreams. This will help your child not to feel alone, making them fall asleep quickly. Every child can have a special friend toy, which can help them feel safer before going to sleep.

The importance of bedtime stories

Night time stories and books are a real help in making children fall asleep. Stories of many kinds can help to sleep well and have sweet dreams – our books can be particularly helpful. DreamyGo bedtime stories [link] can be a part of your child’s night time routine, offering a great way to send them to sleep. In our personalised books, your child is the main character of the story – this will help them start to think about and imagine being the hero of some incredible adventure, just like in a dream.
Saying goodnight before going to sleep can also be a part of a successful night time ritual, in a positive and loving expression to end the day and welcome healthy sleeping. Try to come up with a special phrase to use every night, like “Goodnight kings or queens, sleep tight and sweet dreams” or “Goodnight my darlings, sleep well and sleep deep”. Your calming words, repeated every night, will be another source of reassurance for your child, helping them fall fast asleep to a wonderful world of dreams.
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