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Our Story

DreamyGo was founded by a young mum, inspired to create a customisable magical world of stories after the birth of her first child.

Veronica Saputo moved from Italy to the UK when she was 24 years old. After successfully founding and managing a company in London for 8 years, the birth of her baby boy Diego brought about a new perspective and way of life, which led Veronica to a fresh new dream. She started to create stories and cultivate her life-long love for writing and children. Diego was the motivation behind it all, and he absolutely loved Veronica’s personalised story-telling. Her stories soon reached out into more homes, touching more children and bringing a sparkle of magic to more families.

With the help of a talented and international team of expert illustrators, story-tellers, designers, strategists and collaborators (all of them dreamers!), DreamyGo was born, making Veronica’s new dream come true.

To read all about our story and team of talented creatives, click on our smiling faces.

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